Recommended: Rhinestone Road No.1 EP

Rhinestone Road No. 1 Cover Art

‘Exhale’ is the first track on Rhinestone Road No 1 the debut EP from the new band Rhinestone Road and it’s a delight. This band has a lush, laid back sound that is both soothing and sentimental.

The lead vocals are smokey, textured and boast a charming Southern drawl. At times they’re reminiscent of legendary REM frontman Michael Stipe but that only adds to their appeal.

The second track ‘Harmonies’ is has the warm, golden sound of classic 1970s pop and would fit next to any Don McClean track on a coffeehouse playlist.

Rhinestone Road formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2016. The core members of the band are  Jack Fägrell, Ida Krasse, Kristian Hagner and Emil Wadeskog while several other musicians feature on songs and during their live shows.

Fägrell describes Rhinestone Road’s sound as “melodic pop [with] echoes of American soul and country music.”

Their EP is available on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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